Latest Sighs

  • Jul 15

    Mexico Tour

    We'll be touring in Mexico in the end of August! Come and join the fun!
  • Jul 15

    European Headliner Tour

    Stop the press! INSOMNIUM announce new album and European headliner tourSpearhead of melodic death metal, the grim harbingers of Finnish melancholy...
  • Feb 18

    In the studio to record album number 8!

    Press release of the day: INSOMNIUM - currently in the studio to record a new album Finland’s foremost melodic deathsters INSOMNIUM have begun re...
  • Aug 21

    Candlelight era albums re-released!

    Friends, behold! Our first four albums will be re-released as remastered vinyl versions! Cool transparent vinyl colours and carefully restored artw...
  • Feb 16

    European Tour Update

    Greetings! Sweden's Tribulation will be supporting us on all the dates on this forthcoming tour. Get your tickets fast and come to witness this no...

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